Advertising Tents Designs

Advertising Tents Designs

Advertising Tents: also called marketing tents, advertising canopy, promotion gazebo, event marquees, etc. There many designs of Advertising tents, pls find below details:

Advertising Tent, Pagoda tent for Toyota

Pagoda Tent

Basic normal advertising Tent, outdoor event usage, brand image promotion, activity or tradeshows application, etc. Can be printed only top roof or with four full walls or back full wall and left & right half walls optional.

Size: 1.5×1.5m, 3x3m, 1.5x3m, 3×4.5m, 4.5×4.5m, 3x6m, 4.5x6m, etc many sizes

Dome Tent: Amplifying Your Brand, Impressive Dome Tent for Business, Dome Tent for Brand Exposure, Exciting Outdoor Dome Advertising Tent,

Dome Tent

Dome Tent is very tiny fantastic advertising tent, with Roof and different sides to display brand information, very outstanding effect for tradeshow or event or activity, can be with 6sides or with 1side open or any flexible designs required.

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star tent, advertising tent, brand marketing tent
star tent, advertising tent, brand marketing tent

Star Tent

Star tent also with different designs: Star tent single star tent, double star tents, LED lighting star tent, advertising star tent, marketing compaign star tent bring you perfect effect that more than your expectation.

Advertising tent, Arc tent, Advertising Arc Tent

Arc Tent

Arc tent is a fancy tent that requires flexible and strong structure for the frame, with super marvelous effect on advertising, marketing and promotion, mostly used in event, promotion, marketing or actitivitys.

With top quality frame and fabric material to make sure the art tent durable while with spelendid effect.

inflatable tent, advertising tent, branding tent

Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Tent with your brand logo & image message

Display brand image super amazing, can be customized size, and design. With high resolution printing, high standard raw material on fabric and frame to support with super stunning effect.

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